Oil Free Paneer Greenpeas Kurma

Healthy Kurma

This is not a very delicious gravy but it’s healthy as no oil is used.


Paneer / Firm Tofu- 200 grams

Onion – 2 medium, cut inti big square pieces

Poppy seeds – 1 tbsp

Cardamom – 2 numbers

Ginger – 1 tbsp

Greenchilly – 3 numbers

Red chilly powder – 1/2 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

Coriander powder – 1 1/2 tbsp

Greenpeas – 3/4 cup, cooked

Thick coconut milk – 1 cup

Cilantro – 1/4 cup, chopped

Salt – as needed

Water – 21/4 cups


Cook together the onion, ginger, greenchilies, cardamom, red chilly powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder & the poppy seeds adding 21/4 cups of water for 30 minutes. Let cool. Grind to a smooth paste with your mixer & keep aside.

Add the cooked peas, paneer cubes, salt & thick coconut milk to this masala & cook on slow fire for 10 minutes.

Finally add the cilantro & remove from heat.

Source: Mrs. Lakshmi Nair

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