Vegetable Cutlet

If you ask me which is my all time favourite appetiser it would definitely be these cutlets. Even my 2 year old son likes them a lot & you can see that he is trying to get one of those cutlets from the plate in the picture below. 

Cook 2 medium potatoes . Cool them completely. Peel & mash the potatoes.

Cook together 1 cup of frozen peas, 1/2 cup of grated carrot, 1/4 cup of grated beetroot & 1/4 cup of beans in your microwave oven on high power for 4 minutes. Let cool down completely.

Process 1/2 cup of paneer in your mixer. Heat 2 tbsp of oil & saute half of a medium red onion chopped finely. Saute till onion turns translucent, add 1 tsp of ginger garlic paste & fry or 2 minutes. Add the veggies, mashed potato, 1/2 cup of chopped cilantro, 1 tsp of chaat masala, 1/2 tsp of pepper powder, 1/2 tsp of red chilly powder, salt & 1/2 tsp of cumin powder. Mix well. Finally add 1 tbsp of chopped almonds & mix.

Make a slightly loose batter with 4 tbsp of plain flour & 8 tbsp of water. Make patties from the vegetable mixture, dip in the maida batter & roll in bread crumbs. Deep/ Shallow fry in hot oil on medium high heat till golden brown on both sides.

Serve hot with tomato ketchup/ Green chutney.

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