Caramel Wheat Halwa



  1. Wheat flour – 1 cup
  2. Water – 4 cups
  3. Sugar – 1.5 cups
  4. Boiling water – 1/2 cup
  5. Coconut oil / Ghee – 1/2 + 1/4 cup
  6. Cardamom powder – 3/4 tsp.
  7. Cashews – 2 tbsps. (coarsely chopped)
  8. Dried coconut – 1 tbsp.


  1. Grease a 8″ square cake tin with coconut oil & keep it aside.
  2. Combine the wheat flour with four cups of water to form a thin batter. Strain it to remove any lumps and reserve.
  3. In a wok, heat the sugar till it becomes honey coloured. Slowly add 1/2 cup of boiling water and stir well till all the caramel melts. While the syrup boils add the flour batter and stir continuously.
  4. When the mixture boils, add 1/2 cup of oil and continue stirring till the mixture starts to leave the sides of the wok.
  5. Add the remaining 1/4 cup of coconut oil and cook till the whole mixture comes together as a mass, when you stir. This process will take around 45 minutes.
  6.  Add the cardamom powder, cashew and dry coconut and mix well . Transfer the halwa to greased cake tin and allow to cool.  Place in the freezer for 15 minutes.
  7. Cut into pieces with a serrated knife greased with coconut oil.

Source:- Sweets and Snacks book by Parvathy Menon

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