Clams (Kakka irachi) and coconut fry



  1. Clams – 500 grams
  2. salt – 1 to 1.5 tsps. or as per taste
  3. Turmeric powder – 3/4 tsp.
  4. Coconut cuts/pieces – half of a medium coconut
  5. Onion – 2 medium; thinly sliced+ 1 medium; finely chopped
  6. Ginger – 1 tsp., chopped
  7. Greenchilly – 1 number, chopped
  8. Garlic – 8 big cloves; chopped
  9. Curry leaves – 4 sprigs
  10. Pepper powder – 1.75 heaping tsps. (coarsely ground)
  11. Kashmiri chilly powder – 3/4 heaping tsp.
  12. Red chilly powder – 3/4 heaping tsp.
  13. Garam masala powder – 2 pinches
  14. Coconut oil – as needed


  1. Clean the clams thoroughly by pinching it. Remove the black grit found inside each of them. Wash it in plenty of running water to remove any dirt.
  2. Transfer the cleaned clams to a pan. Add salt and turmeric powder and fry the clams on medium heat till the water completely evaporates. Add 1 tbsp. of coconut oil and start to fry the clams. The clams will start to make a popping sound. After 5 minutes of frying, add the coconut cuts and mix.
  3. When the popping sound of the clams completely subside, make a well in the center  of the clams and add 3 more tbsps. of coconut oil  to the well. Also add the sliced onions, greenchilly, garlic and ginger to the well. Cover the mixture with the clams.
  4. Mix the clams with the onion mixture after 10 minutes of cooking. Add the red chilly, kashmiri chilly and pepper powders and curry leaves. Continue frying the clams on low heat till it turns almost black in colour. This will take around 30 minutes. Add garam masala powder and mix. Switch off heat.
  5. In a wok, heat 1 tbsp. of coconut oil and add the finely chopped onion and a few curry leaves. Cook till onion turns translucent. Add this to the clams and mix.
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3 Responses to Clams (Kakka irachi) and coconut fry

  1. Wonderful recipe .. Loved it❤

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